Video Review: Wisin, Jhay Cortez & Los Legendarios “Fiel”

A twentysomething woman, wearing a golden dress, sits on a couch. She turns the dial on the radio. Wisin and Jhay Cortez sit on a truck and speak into their microphones. Women, wearing long-sleeved shirts and overalls pose and dance by the twentysomething as she sits in the set of a home. They also dance by Wisin and Cortez.

The women cover the twentysomething woman sitting on the couch. The couch is empty as they continue to dance. Wisin and Cortez stand in the parking lot with the women as they perform the routine. Wisin, Cortez and the women stand in the parking lot at night while the bridge is lit up in neon.  The women join them by the car.

Rating: 3/5

Wisin notices the twentysomething woman drinking champagne by herself. She turns away each men talking to her. Wisin realizes simply approaching wasn’t going to work. Jhay Cortez says a grand gesture is in order. He places a megaphone on his car. Cortez says they’ll hang outside and get her attention.

Jhay Cortez describes her as he talks into the megaphone. A second twentysomething woman walks up to him and says she knows who it is. Wisin says he has to know if she can hear them. The second twentysomething woman says they’ll let her know.

The twentysomething woman sits on a chair and listens to Wisin confess his love. She drapes her arm across the chair and tilts her head. The second twentysomething woman tells Wisin she never does that. Wisin puts down the microphone and says he’s going to try. As he walks up to the building, he realizes she has gone.

Directors: Charlie Nelson & Nuno Gomes Year: 2021

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