Video Review: B.O.B. & Trey Songz “Not For Long”

A twentysomething woman, wearing denim shorts and pink crop top, walks across the white background. B.O.B. and Trey Songz perform against the white background. B.O.B. sleeps in bed. He dances with the twentysomething woman against the white background.

The twentysomething sits on the couch and runs into the bedroom to kiss B.O.B. A second twentysomething woman dances with Songz against the white background. He lifts her up and they walk into the kitchen. She gives him a plate of scrambled eggs and hugs him. They make out on the couch. The second twentysomething woman drops her duffel bag as she watches them kiss. Framed photographs of the twentysomething women cuddling sit on the table. B.O.B. and Songz continue to dance against the white background.

Rating: 2/5

The second twentysomething woman questions her relationship with the twentysomething woman. It was as though she was a phase. The twentysomething woman seemed to be so comfortable with B.O.B. The twentysomething woman realized her girlfriend had a history with men. A part of her had been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The twentysomething woman tells her she cares for B.O.B. and wishes she didn’t. The second twentysomething says she has to figure it out. But she won’t be around. The twentysomething woman says she still loves her. The second twentysomething woman says she doesn’t want to be her roommate.

The second twentysomething kisses a third twentysomething woman at the bar. It felt good to be with someone else. The twentysomething woman was standing by herself. The third twentysomething asks her if she wants to talk. The second twentysomething woman nods and walks into the parking lot. They make out. The second twentysomething woman says she hasn’t made out with a stranger in a few years. The third twentysomething woman says they should do it again. The second twentysomething woman giggles as she kisses the third twentysomething woman.

Director: Jerome D. Year: 2014

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