Video Review: Nio Garcia, J Balvin & Bad Bunny “AM (Remix)

Nio Garcia, J Balvin and Bad Bunny walk around in the family room of a mansion. Garcia checks out a twentysomething as she passes by him. They walk up the stairs with the twentysomething woman.

A second twentysomething woman listens to Bad Bunny while he sits next to her on the couch. The twentysomething woman places her leg on a table and lets her fur coat fall around her shoulders. A third twentysomething stands at the pool table. A fourth twentysomething woman drapes her arm across the fireplace. The third twentysomething woman stares into the fourth twentysomething woman’s eyes.

Garcia dances by the staircase. J Balvin dances by himself at the staircase. A fifth twentysomething woman dances by the window. The twentysomething woman twirls the second twentysomething woman as they dance. A group of women stand by Bad Bunny as he sits by the piano. Three twentysomething women walk down the staircase. Balvin raises his glass as he sits on a chair. Bad Bunny, holding his glass of champagne, walks downstairs with the group of twentysomething women.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething woman grabs a glass of champagne in the cabinet and places it on the table. She tells Bad Bunny, Nio Garcia and J Balvin to enjoy. Bad Bunny points the piano upstairs. The twentysomething woman says it’s been in her family for decades. Bunny says he has to play it. She gestures for him to go upstairs.

Bunny touches the top of the piano and says he didn’t even know it existed. The twentysomething woman says a family member was a singer in the 50s. Bunny plays a song on the piano. The twentysomething woman nods her head and asks him if it’s new. Bunny says he’s still working on it.

Nio Garcia asks her if she’d like to talk privately. The third twentysomething woman tells him she’s not interested and walks over to the fourth twentysomething woman. The fourth twentysomething woman says she was afraid she wouldn’t come over. The third twentysomething woman says they’ve met every single pop star and it’s all the same. The fourth twentysomething woman asks her to dance. The third twentysomething woman puts her glass of champagne on the table and spins around.

Director: Gus Year: 2021

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