Video Review: Eric Benét & Faith Evans “Georgy Porgy”

Several versions of Eric Benét dance against a scarlet lit patterned background. He places his finger on his mouth and sits on a chair against an aqua lit patterned background. Faith Evans waves her finger as she stands next to him against the scarlet lit patterned background.

Back in the chair, he runs his hand through his hair. He whispers in Evans’ ear as they stand by a red curtain. Sitting backwards on a chair near the curtain, he hangs his head. He dances against a forest green curtain. In two screens, Evans sings against a gray background. Against the scarlet patterned background, she waves her finger again at Benét.

Rating: 1/5

Faith Evans lifts her head as her boyfriend asks her a question. She says it’s all right and tries to finish the paragraph in the newspaper. However, every word was replaced with Eric Benét’s speech to her. He told her he had feelings for her. They belong together. He’s always been in love with her.

Evans pushes the newspaper away. Why now? She was settled with her boyfriend. They were looking for a home together. She had known Benét for a long time. As much as she cared for him, dating him scared her. His longest relationship was 6 months. He didn’t know what he wants. Her boyfriend tells her he’s going to work and kisses her on the cheek.

She drives to Benét’s house. He tells her he knows he put in a horrible position. Evans tells him she can’t make the decision. She’s with her boyfriend. He says he’ll respect it. As he sits on the couch next to her, he asks her if she actually loves her boyfriend. She says she does but as she holds Benét’s hand.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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