Video Review: Jonas Blue & Léon “Hear Me Say”

Two twentysomething men and women bicycle past Tulumunchies in Tulum, Mexico. One of the couples walk by Juanita’s Fajitas and meet up with the other twentysomething man and woman. The two twentysomething women order toast to themselves near Sushi Poke Bowls.

They drive through the Ahua and sit on a boat. The two twentysomething woman jump from the boat and swim. The couples pose for a picture. On the beach, they play soccer. A guide takes them to a lagoon. They dive into the water. Back at the resort, the two twentysomething men lie on the hammock. They stand on a bridge and dance.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man sits on the hammock next to the second twentysomething man, staring at the beach. The second twentysomething man asks him if he’s better. The twentysomething man says he has a doctor appointment once he gets home. The doctor wants to check out his heart. The second twentysomething man says he and the twentysomething woman gave them a scare. The twentysomething man says not knowing what was going on with the twentysomething woman bothered him. The nurses tried to find out for him. Whenever he saw a tablet, he freaked out.

The twentysomething woman dives into the water and stays close to the twentysomething man. The second twentysomething woman says she’s going to go back to the boat. The twentysomething man and woman return to the boat together. The second twentysomething woman turns to the group and says they have the guided tour tomorrow.

During the guided tour, they take pictures of the ruins. The twentysomething man kisses the twentysomething woman and says he’s glad to be able to see this. She squeezes his hand and says they still have more to see. The second twentysomething woman says she’s getting in line to do the zip line. The twentysomething woman says she’s going with her. She motions for the twentysomething man to stand in line with her. He says he’s going ziplining.

Director: Alex Nicholson Year: 2021

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