Video Review: 3OH!3 “Don’t Trust Me”

Against a black background, a message reads on the screen: “a global virus of catastrophic proportions has attacked the entire male population. Only two male models from Colorado survive. This is their story.” Nathaniel and Sean, wearing robes and underwear, dance in the dining room. Three twentysomething, wearing black bra and panties, sit at the table.

They take off their robes. A twentysomething woman bites into some fruit. As they dance, they change into dress shirts, ties and black pants. A second twentysomething woman takes a picture with a camera in a studio. They pose in the dining room. As they dance, the twentysomething woman grab and straddle them.

Wearing leotards, they wrestle and dance on the mat. Some of the twentysomething dance near the edge. The twentysomething woman takes a picture of them with wearing war paint on their faces in a jungle. Two twentysomething women ride an elephant. Against a royal blue background, one of the twentysomething woman runs her hand through her hair. Nathaniel tips his sunglasses to his nose. Sean pulls at his tie.

The twentysomething woman takes a picture of Sean sliding across the dining room table. Nathaniel and one of the twentysomething women knock over the table. Sean and Nathaniel wrestle on the mat.

Rating: 0/5

Nathaniel challenges Sean to a wrestling match at their former high school. One of the twentysomething women says crosses her arms and sighs. A second twentysomething woman says they can their be cheerleaders. Another twentysomething woman offers to train them.

Sean drives into the jungle. He shields his eyes and says he sees no signs of life. Nathaniel hands them some of the women’s makeup and says they have fit in to be like the natives. A Native American wanders by the tree and hides as Sean ruins the garden.¬†Nathaniel invites the Native American woman home with him and promises a better world. The Native American woman motions for her friends for support.

Nathaniel rubs one of the twentysometing woman’s bellies. He says they are doing their part to save humanity. One the news a fortysomething woman says a dozen of men have been found in a bomb shelter in California. Sean groans and says they should be the ones on television.

Director: N/A Year: 2008

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