Video Review: Mabel “Let Them Know”

While Mabel sits in the backseat of the cab, the driver asks her, “so you’re heading to the club?” Mabel, putting her finger by her, answers, “I left my phone there last night. It was wild.” Lit in scarlet red, Mabel walks into the empty club.

A sign over the building says, “About Last Night.” Lit in royal blue, she dances with people in the club. Wearing a chartreuse bodysuit, she dances in a box and stands in silhouette. Wearing a lavender crop top and skirt, she dances on top of a platform in the club. Back in the empty club, she picks up a denim jacket and thinks of when the twentysomething man, who was wearing it, smiled at her. She finds a camera on the table and remembers the woman taking pictures of her with her friends.

Back in royal blue, she dances with the twentysomething man. Lit in ruby red, she dances on the second floor in silhouette with several twentysomething women. In the chartreuse bodysuit, she performs a routine with the twentysomething women. Back in royal blue, she kisses the twentysomething man. A twentysomething woman pulls her away from him and she drops her phone on the floor. As she walks in the empty club, she picks it up on the floor and gets inside the car. She reads the text message on her phone, “about last night” and laughs.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mabel chats with one of the bartenders as she walks into the club. She says she realized once she got home, she didn’t have her home. The bartender says he saw the twentysomething woman take her arm. He almost dropped the drink. Mabel exclaims she had a lot of nerve. The twentysomething man was flirting with her. She acted on it.

She looks through the camera and sends herself some of the pictures inside it. Carrying the camera and denim jacket, she says she found them on the floor. The bartender comments it’s a cool camera. She says she was going to claim it for herself. Holding up the jacket, she says she’s taking it home.

In the car, she smiles as she texts the twentysomething man on the way home. He says she’s a fantastic kisser. She invites him to lunch. He says he just got up and to give him a half hour. She tells the driver she’s changing direction and gives him the twentysomething man’s address.

Director: Isaac Rentz Year: 2021

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