Video Review: WizKid & Tems “Essence”

WizKid rocks in the chair of his home in Accra, Ghana. Tems sits on the windowsill. She stands by the door and gets fresh air. A vase of roses sits on the table while she dances in her seat. He sits on the couch outside his house.

A thirtysomething woman runs her hand as she stands in a path lined with palm trees. Two twentysomething men talk by a store. WizKid, Tems and two twentysomething drive through the city. Tems leans against the railing of WizKid’s porch. He dances in front of the television and sits on the rug. Two twentysomething women sit on their porch.

A second twentysomething talks on her phone. WizKid and Tems dance at night. A car does donuts near a building. He continues to drive with Tems and the two twentysomething women.

Rating: 5/5

Tems strings beads on the thread. She tells WizKid she’s going to be working on orders for most of the afternoon. WizKid walks to her multiple necklaces and bracelets on the table. He asks her, “can they boxed up?” She tells him some of them need another piece.

WizKid returns home from work and sees Tems still at the table. He asks her if she’s eaten. She says she had some leftover fish. He sends a text to two of their friends and invites them to hang out with them. Tems says she’s going to take a break. WizKid tells her they are going out tonight. Tems say she can’t.

Tems takes off her sunglasses as she lies on the beach blanket. One of the twentysomething woman says she’s out. Tems says she’s tired. A second twentysomething woman comments her jewelry is taking off. Tems says she can’t keep up anymore. WizKid says she should open a website. Tems says maybe in a couple of months. WizKid says he’s going to get everyone drinks. Tems reminds her she has to work tomorrow. WizKid turns around and tells her she needs a break.

Director: DK Year: 2021

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