Video Review: Jameson Rodgers & Luke Combs “Cold Beer Calling My Name”

A fortysomething man talks on the phone in his office. He says, “I get it. I get it. I understand. We’ll get someone out there today.” Jameson Rodgers punches in at the timeclock. The fortysomething man says, “tell you what, I’ll call you right back.” He notices Rodgers at the time clock. While Rodgers walks to his truck, the fortysomething man tells him, “Rodgers, that’s three complaint calls today. If you can’t make up these deliveries, don’t bother coming in on Monday. You’re done.” Rodgers steps into his truck.

Rodgers drives and makes deliveries to breweries. Luke Combs get out the passenger side of the truck. Combs and Rodgers load the dolly and take the beer to the convenience store. They stand in a stock room. Sitting in his truck, he talks to one of his friends, Drew. He asks him, “what’s up?” Drew says he’s by the “fire, with the boys, a little beer. Wondering if you could hurry up and get over here and bring a sixer with you.” Rodgers answers, “I can handle that.”

Combs and Rodgers hang out with Drew at night by the bonfire. They drink beer as they talk. Drew passes a beer to Combs. Combs tosses it back and it lands into the fire. They stand back as the bonfire sparks. Rodgers and Combs continue to hang out in the stock room.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jameson Rodgers clocks in on Monday. The fortysomething man tells him he’s lucky. Rodgers puts his timecard in the slot. Any of his responses would get him fired and he needed the job. While on the road, he had to go to the bathroom and eat. Accidents were frequent on the highways. None of it mattered to his boss.

Rodgers loads the delivery to the brewery. The manager of the brewery says he called for a status report and understands he can’t make it exactly to the minute. He says he’ll contact upper management. Rodgers says it’ll help a lot. The manager says it was good to see him.

Rodgers eats a hamburger at a diner. He was starving after making deliveries for most of the day. Checking over his list, he sees he has two more deliveries to go. He runs up to the counter and asks to pay right now. leaving his half-eaten hamburger on the plate. She asks him if he wants a box. He shakes his head and gives her the money. While driving, he keeps looking at the time. He might just make it.

Director: Dustin Haney Year: 2021

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