Video Review: Crush “Jellyhead”

Donna and Jayni down a hallway of hot pink curtains and sing into their microphones. A twentysomething man smiles at them. They take photographs of them. He holds a magnifying glass over his face. They talk to him as they stand by the forest green curtain.

Through the twentysomething man’s magnifying glass, their bodies extend and blur. They continue to dance in the hallway. Donna and Jayni take turns riding the swing. They both ride the swing and rotate standing by a sky blue curtain. As they sing into the microphones, they dance.

Rating: 2/5

Donna grabs her books and closes her locker. In class, she sits next to Jayni and asks her if she missed anything last period. Jayni says their history teacher talked about the Versailles Treaty. Donna says she’ll borrow her notes later. While they work together in a group, Donna says she was making out with her boyfriend. Jayni flips through the page and says her boyfriend is so serious. Donna leans in and says she’s failing a couple of classes because of him. She has to end it.

Donna’s boyfriend puts his arm around her as they walk in the hallway. He takes her headphones out and tells her she’s listening to junk. Donna puts her headphones back in and says she’s exploring genres. He says she has to listen some of his classic rock records. Donna rolls her eyes and tells him it’s over.

Jayni touches her boyfriend’s hand. He pulls it away and whispers they are in school. Jayni retorts, “is it because of someone else?” She knew who it could be. He just wouldn’t admit it. Her boyfriend says, “no.” Jayni walks away from him and says she’s done.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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