Video Review: Tyler, The Creator “Juggernaut”

Tyler, The Creator walks into the lemon orchard and drops his cart. As he brushes off his jacket, a figure falls from the sky. He raps by the lemon trees. A second version of himself dances on a monster truck in a field. Tyler pulls it with a rope. The figure, the third version of himself, falls from the sky again.

Rating: 4/5

Tyler, The Creator cuts the trees in the orchard. He wipes his face with his handkerchief and glances around for his boss. He sits down for a moment and catches his breath. The sun was melting him. It had to be close to 90 degrees. A 5-year-old boy waves at him as he walks with his family. Tyler waves back and returns to cutting the tree.

His shirt soaked, he changes in the bathroom. A thirtysomething woman promises her son an ice cream cone if he makes potty. He opens the stall and the thirtysomething woman puts her hand on her purse. He washes his hands and walks out of the bathroom, carrying his wet shirt.

He cuts a lemon on his counter and makes lemonade. Taking a sip, he walks into his backyard and sits on the deck. He checks his phone. His boss asks if he can come in tomorrow. He responds “yes” and watches the sun set.

Director: Wolf Haley Year: 2021

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