Video Review: Måneskin “I Wanna Be Your Slave”

Thomas sings against a  lapis background. Lit in candy red, Damiano winks. Thomas, Damiano, Victoria and Ethan sit on a platform against a black background. Victoria licks an apple hanging from the ceiling. A person puts lipstick on Thomas’ lips.

Thomas gets in Victoria’s face as he talks to her. Lit in violet, he whispers in Damiano’s ear. Night vision captures them walking around. Lit in neon lime green, they perform on stage. Ethan and Damiano stand shirtless while a net covers them. Against a black background, Thomas, wearing a bra, flexes his muscles. Damiano holds a high heel.

A woman puts her foot on Ethan’s face. Victoria licks a young man’s stomach. A person rubs another person’s butt as they stand in their underwear. Thomas and Damiano kiss. They bite on a piece of gum and stretch it. Victoria spits and it becomes Damiano’s tears. Through two keyholes, a twentysomething man scratches a second twentysomething man’s back (left). A person puts their hand in a second person’s underwear. Lit in violet, Thomas pulls Damiano’s ear and talks in his ear.

Rating: 0/5

Thomas flips his hair as he wears a dress. Victoria giggles as some people gasp on the street. Damiano smirks and says they found the bigots. Ethan says waves to them and says he’s surprised by the twentysomething woman in the jeans, wearing a Vote shirt.

Ethan looks at a skirt and puts it back. Victoria tells him he’ll look gorgeous in it. Ethan says it’s not him. Victoria shrugs and says no one is going to judge. Ethan narrows his eyes, “it’s not that” and heads for the clearance rack. Victoria shouts he’s no fun.

Damiano orders Thomas to pour maple syrup over his pancakes. Thomas pours it and squirts some on his face. He licks it off his face and tells him he’ll want be available for dessert later. Damiano raises his eyebrows and cuts his pancakes into pieces.

Director: Simone Bozzelli Year: 2021

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