Video Review: Tamia “Officially Missing You”

Water drips from the ceiling into two buckets in the sink. Tamia runs her hand on her pillow as she wakes up. She holds the sheet to her underwear and tugs at her top. She turns her head at the bucket as the water drips into it.

Standing in front of the floor-length mirror and puts on different outfits. She chooses a cut-out blouse and denim shirts. In the hallway, she leans against the wall to talk with a twentysomething man. She squeezes past a second twentysomething man cleaning the grill in a diner. A third twentysomething man approaches her as she walks on the sidewalk.

A fourth twentysomething man puts a drink on the counter for her at the convenience store. She leans against a poster on the wall advertising the Chinese New Year. A fortysomething woman fans herself as she sits on the sidewalk. She walks into her home and sits by the fan.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tamia brushes a spot of water from her forehead. She looks up and sees another part of the ceiling leaking. On the table, she finds a candle votive and puts it underneath the leak. The landlord said he’ll have somebody by tomorrow. The air conditioning was out in the building. As far as she knew, it’ll be working sometime today.

Tamia walks into the bookstore and sits in a chair. The air conditioning chills her arms as she stares at the magazine rack. A twentysomething man sits next to her and says, “really hot today?” She tells him she could stay in the store until closing. He grins, saying, “I know what you mean.” Offering her his hand, he introduces himself and asks her about her interests. Her heart sank. He was sweet and kind and her ex-boyfriend came across her mind.

A second twentysomething man waves to her as she walks back into her apartment. He tells her the air conditioning is working. She says it’s the best news she’s heard all day. Continuing, she says she feels so gross. The second twentysomething man tells her she’s beautiful. She gives him a small smile and tells him goodbye.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 2003

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