Video Review: Queen Naija “Medicine”

Queen Naija lies in bed in her Pink nightgown, her phone by her pillow. She wakes up the and checks the time on her digital clock on her nightstand. Sitting up, she checks her phone and types out messages. She shoves her boyfriend as they talk in the family room.

Black-and-white photos of him talking with a twentysomething woman flash inside the camera. By a brick wall, she talks with a second twentysomething man. He gives her a teddy bear. She puts a Medicine hat on his head and kisses him.

Her boyfriend sits on a chair with a yellow Medicine tape over his mouth. She sits on the bed with the second twentysomething man and looks over her shoulder at him. Black-and-white photos of her touching the second twentysomething man’s face flash. Her boyfriend watches as the twentysomething man holds onto Naija.

Lit in royal blue, she dances by the brick wall. Naija sleeps next to her boyfriend in bed. He wakes up, rubs his face and sees a teddy bear on the nightstand.

Rating: 3.5/5

Queen Naija puts on her jeans as she watches her boyfriend steady himself. Her boyfriend says his throat is so dry and runs to the kitchen. She pats the teddy bear. It was such a sweet gift from the twentysomething man last night. Naija asks him if he’s all right as she grabs her cereal bowl. He says he doesn’t know what day it is and that he must’ve slept good. She tells him he was out last night.

Her boyfriend says he won’t be able to do much today. He’s still so tired. Naija tells him to get some rest. She’ll be able to manage. While her boyfriend naps, she calls the twentysomething man and says she’ll be able to come over today after all. He asks her about her boyfriend. She handwaves it, telling him he’s fine.

Naija kisses the twentysomething man in his bed. The twentysomething man asks if he’s revenge. She sits up, “of course not!” and places her hand on his chest. He explains her that he thinks there is genuine feeling. She says she cares for him but it’s just complicated right now. The twentysomething man says he’ll wait for her.

Director: Azzie Scott Year: 2018

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