Video Review: The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber “Stay”

The Kid Laroi closes his eyes while he’s suspended over his bed. A paused twentysomething woman stares at her phone as she sits in a diner. He stares into the mirror as a pieces of cup break. Spilled milk lies on the kitchen table.  as he rests his head. The splash in frozen as it drips onto the floor. A fly remains frozen in air.

He walks past three twentysomething women, paused, talk in the hallway at a party. With his middle fingers up, he walks in the street. A twentysomething man stays on his bicycle. None of the cars move. Back at the diner, the paused twentysomething woman continues to stare at her phone. A photograph with Laroi and herself sits on the table.

Justin Bieber stands on a rooftop. A helicopter hangs off to the side. Bieber and Laroi dance in an office building. Laroi runs to the diner and places his arm on the window. He watches the twentysomething woman staring at her phone.

Rating: 3/5

The Kid Laroi claps his hands. He shakes his head. The pieces of the cup stay in the air. Laroi calls his Dad. It goes straight to voicemail. He turns on the television. Each person was paused. The reporter giving the news. The fortysomething man’s raised arms as he spins the wheel. A talk show host laughs as they talk with their celebrity guest.

Justin Bieber walks his dog in his neighborhood and waves at the fortysomething man in his car. Bieber stops as he realizes the car wasn’t moving. Knocking on the glass, he asks if the fortysomething man is okay as his dog barks. He calls every contact on his phone. Only Laroi answers. Bieber asks him if he knows what’s going on.

Laroi says his girlfriend usually goes out for lunch at her favorite diner. He has to know if she’s okay. Bieber says he has to go into the city. Laroi tells him he’ll be right over. Bieber climbs up the stairs and knocks on the door of the businesses. He opens a door and sees a thirtysomething woman tapping the shoulder of her co-workers. Bieber motions for her to come with him. Laroi sits across from her the diner. He tells her they’ll fix it and things will be back to normal again.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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