Video Review: BTS “Permission To Dance”

A twentysomething woman carries a plate of pancakes as she walks to the window of the diner. She looks up to the blue sky. JungKook, sitting on trailer, lets go of a lavender balloon. RM turns around as he stands on the sidewalk. Jimin, J-Hope, Jin and V sit at a table. Suga plays the piano while JungKook stands by him.

Jimin walks out of a store and points to the blue sky. Jin stands by a mural in desert and dances with the rest of the group. A fortysomething woman gets out of the mail truck and watches the lavender balloon in the sky. A twentysomething man points out the balloon to the second twentysomething woman as they sit in the diner. Three 10-year-old children stare at it while they walk on a bridge.

J-Hope lets go of the lavender balloon in the laundromat. He dances with Suga while RM and JungKook play with balloons as they sit in the chairs. A fortysomething man dances in a school hallway while he mops the floor. A fortysomething man and woman dance by a bench.

A thirtysomething man dances past his co-workers as they sit in their cubicles. A group of 8-year-old kids dance on a tennis court. The fortysomething man dances with a fiftysomething woman in the hallway. BTS dance in the the laundromat’s parking lot at night. The twentysomething woman dances in the diner.

Jimin and V walk out of the laundromat together. Two children approach them. One of the children gives V a lavender balloon. V lets it go. A dozen dancers join BTS in the desert. The people in the laundromat, diner and tennis court take off their masks and smile. Lavender balloons fly over the trailer in the desert as everyone continues to dance. Two children with a lavender balloon.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman places her mask in the trash. Throughout the pandemic, she worked at the diner. She had served customers while they complained about not enough seats, took carry-out orders and hosted whenever she could. She wanted to quit but she needed money. Last winter, she started coughing. She figured it was sinuses. However, it was unusual for her not to be able to breathe. She tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately, it was mild. But once she qualified for the vaccine, she received it. Despite the Delta variant, she felt comfortable being at work again and talking to customers.

The children throw their masks on the ground. One of the children says they don’t need it anymore. Their parents got vaccinated. The second child says  her parents are waiting. They already had it anyway and it wasn’t a big deal. The first child says her mom was really sick and still spends most days with little energy. She says his parents are dumb. He shouts that her parents are sheep. She says she’s going back home and walks away.

The twentysomething woman looks over the menu and says it has really changed. The twentysomething man says they’ve still got the same specials, though. The server asks them if they are ready to order. She tells her it’s their first time being in a restaurant in a year. The server stares at her, notepad in hand. The twentysomething woman tells the server she’s going to have the roast chicken dinner. The twentysomething man orders spaghetti.

Directors: Yong Seok Choi &  Woogie Kim Year: 2021


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