Video Review” Whitney Houston & Monie Love “My Name Is Not Susan (Remix)”

Against a black screen, a message reads: “My name is Martin Diamond. I am a professional photographer. I have one exclusive client. Her name is Susan.” Diamond takes a pictures of Susan (Whitney Houston) standing against a cornflower blue background during a photoshoot.

Susan performs on stage. Diamond stands in the front row and takes pictures. Wearing a citrus orange jacket, Susan dances in the studio at another photoshoot with Diamond. He photographs her as she talks with a thirtysomething on the sidewalk of her home. In black-and-white, he checks the time as she walks backstage of a venue.

Monie Love raps as she sits on the porch steps with Whitney Houston. She stands backstage as Susan performs. Diamond takes pictures of Houston as she walks with a thirtysomething woman in the park. In the darkroom. Diamond compares the photos of Houston and Susan. Wearing a jersey and baseball cap, Houston dances in front a mirror. Susan sits with her hairstylist in the salon, her hair wrapped in a towel. Houston turns around in a chair. Back at the park, Diamond gives her his number.

Diamond follows Houston as she walks with Love and sits with her on the steps. In black-and-white, with Houston wearing a royal blue pajamas, she sits on the bed while Diamond sleeps. She sits at a table in a restaurant. He gives her a necklace while they eat dinner at Nippy’s Cuisine. Lit in lavender, she and Diamond sit at store and he chooses a dress for her.

Susan walks into the bathroom as Diamond looks into the mirror. She walks into his darkroom and sees the Film Buzz magazine with her cover photo on it. Houston continues to sit on the steps with Love.

Rating: 5/5

The sales clerk asks Houston if she likes the dress. Her boyfriend, Martin Diamond answers, “it’s horrible” and suggests another dress. Houston gives her a sheepish grin. Her boyfriend hands her the beaded dress and tells her to try it on. She smiles and takes the dress.

Susan whispers into Diamond’s ear as he stands with Houston backstage. She tells Houston she’s lucky to have to such a talented boyfriend. Houston says she’s in awe of him and gazes at him. Susan says they must come to her party over the weekend. Diamond says Houston can’t attend. She has a previous commitment. Susan says it’s such a shame and tells them to have fun.

Houston closes her eyes as she takes a bite of chocolate fudge cake. Diamond wouldn’t ever share his with her. He told her she would gain weight. On television, she sees Susan holding hands with Diamond at a movie premiere. Her signature blond haircut had been replaced with a chestnut brown. She told the interviewer it was a role as Diamond grips her hand. Houston pays for her dinner and walks to her car. She had renewed her license and was going to get some errands done before she went home.

Director: Lionel C. Martin Year: 1991

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