Video Review: Aitch “Learning Curve”

Lit in teal green, Aitch does donuts in his car in a parking lot at night. Katie laughs as she hangs on to the ceiling handle. He leans against the car as the pieces of glass linger frozen in the air. He and various versions of himself (Big Shell, Farmer Joe and Harrison) in the lineup.

Farmer Joe points his rifle as he stands in the field and points it at Harrison, who smokes a cigar. He continues to smoke as the goats rush by him. Big Shell drives a car on the road with a twentysomething woman. Aitch, wearing a white robe, lies on the floor with several twentysomething women. At night, he sits on the road. A car flips over him.

He talks to a twentysomething woman as they eat their lobster dinner at a restaurant. Standing up, he puts on his jacket and walks into a wedding. A second twentysomething woman follows him. He ruffles the 10-year-old boy’s hair. The second twentysomething woman makes out with him in the coatroom. In his backyard, he sits on his lounge chair and drinks a cocktail. Money falls on him as he dances by a car. He sits on the pavement with two dogs. The twentysomething women on the floor hit him with their pillows. He carries the second twentysomething woman in the coatroom.

Rating: 2/5

Aitch winks at the second twentysomething woman as he sits in his seat. She grins at him and talks to the 10-year-old boy next to her. She was a mom. It was ok with him. He wasn’t looking for marriage. The best man says it’s going to be a couple extra minutes. People begin whispering. Aitch gets up from his seat and walks past her.

In the coatroom, she laughs and says the ceremony may have started. Aitch says they’ll see them at the reception. She puts his hand on his chest, “the bride is one of my good friends” and walks back to her seat. He tells her to look for him at the reception later.

Drinking his champagne, he toasts the newlyweds. At the second twentysomething woman’s table, he notices her talking with a thirtysomething man. He walks to the table and grabs a chair. Sitting between them, he asks the women if she got her coat. The second twentysomething woman blushes and responds with “yes” and says she forgot something in her car. He adds, “I have to get my gift for them.” Waving at the thirtysomething man, he walks with the second twentysomething woman to her car.

Director: KC Locke Year: 2021

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