Video Review: Mary J. Blige & Ja Rule “Rainy Dayz”

Against a black background, a raindrop falls and solidifies on Ja Rule’s finger. Within the raindrop, Mary J. Blige stands with her head down as a waterfall pours behind her. Rule continues to stand against the black background as it rains. Blige continues to sing as Rule dances next to her.

Blige joins Rule as they dance underneath swirling arches, spilling rain. In black-and-white, a shirtless twentysomething man dances. Rule wipes his face as the rain drenches him. A twentysomething woman slides into the water as she dances. Rule and Blige stand next to each other.

Rating: 1/5

Mary J. Blige scrambles for her checkbook. The people behind her stare as she writes it out. She hands it to the cashier, who runs it through her system. Blige eyes it as she runs it again. The receipt pops out of the register. Blige takes her bags and walks out of the store.

Blige calls her son and leaves a message. He never picks up his damn phone. She hadn’t heard from since he left the house this morning. He usually calls right about now. She sits in the chair and stands up again a few minutes later. About an hour later, she answers the phone. He says the lecture ran longer than he thought and tells her he’s leaving right now. She tells him to be careful.

Blige helps her mom walk on the step. Her mom says she can do it. Blige says she doesn’t want to her fall again. Her mom slaps her hand and says she did her physical therapy. She watches her as mom’s hand trembles as she puts her weight on her foot. Her mom turns her head and asks if she’s coming. Blige locks the door and asks if they are still going to to the clothing stores. Her mom nods and says she wants to pick up a pair of pants.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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