Video Review: Bia “Whole Lotta Money”

Bia, wearing a fluffy bra top and patterned pants, dances on the floor of her home. Wearing an olive jumpsuit, she adjusts her hat in a mirrored room. She tosses her phone into a small fire as she lies on the couch. Several dancers and Bia sit on miniature carousel horses.

A twentysomething man (Justin Combs) gives Bia a stack of money. She knocks over a box of pasta as she and her friends walk in the grocery store aisle. They pass the cereal aisle. She and her friends dance by the laundry detergent. Back on the carousel horses, she licks her diamond bracelets.

Money flies out of a toy sports car. It continues to fly within a golden snowglobe as she stands near a chandelier and hunter green curtain. A secret door within the grocery store opens to the club. Carrying her key lime purse, she and her friends dance inside. Lit in royal blue, a twentysomething woman spins on a pole in the club. Bia and her friends gasp as the twentysomething woman falls on her face on stage. A twentysomething man sprinkles money on the stage as she cries. She picks it up and continues to dance. Bia and her friends toss money at her.

Rating: 2.5/5

Bia gets an ice pack for the twentysomething woman. The twentysomething woman puts  it on her on her swelling ankle. Bia gives her $500. The twentysomething woman takes it and says it’s appreciated. Bia tells her it should some of her time off. The twentysomething woman says she’s going to get fired. Her boss doesn’t accept mistakes.

The twentysomething woman exclaims “wow” as she walks into Bia’s home. Bia says she just moved in. She says the guest bedroom right off the family room. The twentysomething woman sits on the bed and wraps herself in the blanket. Bia taps on the door and sees the twentysomething woman has fallen asleep.

The twentysomething woman gobbles her scrambled eggs. Bia says she can make her another plate. The twentysomething woman says she’s eaten too much already. Bia tells her she’s welcome to stay longer as the twentysomething woman grabs her bag. The twentysomething woman says she’ll be fine and that she’s back on the schedule for tomorrow. Bia sits at the kitchen table and stretches her arms as she sighs.

Director: Benmarc Year: 2021

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