Video Review: The Lumineers “Ho Hey”

Wesley plays his guitar at the entrance of the vacant Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California. He walks in the hallway, lit by a string of lightbulbs on the wall. As the lights blink, Jeremiah and Neyla join Wesley as he walks down the hallway. A lightbulb breaks on the floor.

Neyla watches people run down another hallway. She rushes to join them. Wesley raises his guitar while the people stand around him, Neyla and Jeremiah. Confetti flies in the air as people clap and dance.

Rating: 2.5/5

Wesley jumps back as he walks into a room. He says he thinks he saw a nurse. Neyla says he’s letting the history of the hospital get under his skin. Jeremiah hides behind Neyla and says Wesley’s not lying. Neyla grins and tells them it’s going to be okay.

A group of people screech. Neyla trembles. Something had to be over there. She tells the spirits they are visiting them and want to to meet them. She adds they haven’t been forgotten. Wesley turns his head and says it’s gotten quiet. Neyla says she thinks she freaked out the spirits.

A ghost, an orderly, walks by Neyla and gives her a flower. A second ghost, a 10-year-old child, asks her to play. Neyla takes the 10-year-old’s child hand and walks with her to her room. A nurse follows behind her and tells the 10-year-old girl to open her mouth. The 10-year-old girl swallows her pills and says she has board games.

Director: Ben Fee Year: 2012

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