Video Review: Kane Brown & Blackbear “Memory”

Kane Brown and Blackbear stand on a planet at night. A spaceship sits off to the side. Lit in blood red, Brown dances inside the hallway of the spaceship. Back in color, he floats in the main hallway. In blood red, Blackbear joins him as they continue to dance. It rotates from blood red to color as Blackbear raps in another hallway. An aqua blue is added and the lights flash.

Brown and Blackbear press the controls as they steer the spaceship. The spaceship takes off. Brown and Blackbear stand in the hallway, wearing their spacesuits. They jump out of the spaceship and fly over Earth.

Rating: 2/5

Kane Brown picks up some minerals from the planet. Blackbear says with time people could inhabit it. Brown says their research is favorable to it. Blackbear points to a corner and says it’s where he wants to build his house. Brown says his daughter would love the view of Earth.

Brown marks another day off the calendar. He sends in his reports and checks in with the controllers at the space station. The controller says his vitals are clear and let him know his agenda for the day. Brown asks if he could speak to his family. The controller tells him they haven’t been able to contact them. Brown says they could be asleep and returns to staring into space.

Blackbear takes off his space suit and says nothing will ever top floating his space as they return home. Brown scratches his head, telling him he’s been looking forward to it for months. Blackbear says he’s signing up for the next mission as soon as he can. Brown says he missed his daughter’s birthday and he won’t ever get it back. He states they are three hours from landing. A engine light blinks red. Brown presses a button and it shuts off. He was getting home.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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