Video Review: Madonna “Cherish”

In pale blue, an 8-year-mergirl runs on the sand in Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. Madonna, her back arched, lets the surf touch her body. She ruffles her hair and dances on the shore. A twentysomething merman holds the 8-year-old girl, who now has fins. Three twentysomething mermen swim in the water.

The twentysomething mermen and 8-year-old mergirl rise to the surface together. One of the twentysomething mermen raise the 8-year-old mergirl in the air. Madonna rinses her hair as the surf reaches the shore. Water drips from her hair as she walks on the sand. She holds the 8-year-old mergirl. Madonna kicks up her legs as she lies next to the 8-year-old mergirl as she flaps her fins on the sand. They flex their muscles. Madonna continues to flex her muscles and dance on the sand.

Rating: 5/5

Madonna draws on the sand with her finger. An 8-year-old girl calls out “Mama!” and Madonna looks up from the sand. The 8-year-old girl rushes into her arms. Madonna tells her she’s getting big. The 8-year-old girl says her dad won’t let her hunt by herself. Madonna brushes some hair from the 8-year-old girl’s eyes, “dad doesn’t want you to get hurt.” The 8-year-old girl says the sharks aren’t that scary.

The twentysomething mermen walks on the sand. Madonna stares at his toned abdomen and his bare chest. He nods at her. She wanted to leave with him and live underwater. They were her family. But neither the twentysomething men nor her daughter could survive on land long. She promised them she’d visit whenever she could.

Madonna snorkels underwater. As her oxygen runs low, her instructor pulls her up and tells her she was cutting it close. She has a limited amount of time underwater. Her instructor says they are finished for the day and tells her she’ll see her on Thursday for her lesson. Back at the beach, Madonna holds her daughter underwater as she breathes into her mask. The twentysomething mermen pushes her to the surface as she loses air. Splayed on the sand, she rests her sore limbs. In another hour, she’ll return to the water again.

Director: Herb Ritts Year: 1989

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