Video Review: Old Dominion “I Was On A Boat That Day”

Matthew wakes up in bed and hears music. He walks onto the deck of the boat and grabs his guitar on a chair. While Trevor, Whit, Geoff and Brad play, he strums his guitar. Their friends dance, holding drinks in their hands. Matthew dances with a shirtless sixtysomething man. He takes a bottle of Cantera Negra out of the cooler.

A thirtysomething woman fans herself as she sits on a raft. A fortysomething man jumps in the water. Several people tread water. Matthew puts his arm around a person in a teddy bear costume.  Trevor and Matthew ride Jet Skis. Matthew drinks a shot by the bar. During the sunset, Matthew, Whit, Geoff, Brad and Trevor play on the top deck of the boat.

Rating: 1/5

Matthew, wearing shorts and a tank top, walks barefoot on the dock. He carries his trash to the dumpster. The thirtysomething man waves to him. Matthew says he’s going to beat him in the Yacht Race this summer. The thirtysomething man jokes it’s his year. Matthew says he’s been practicing every day. The trophy is his. The thirtysomething man nods and says it’s nice to see him. Matthew says, “it’s on! It’s on!”

Matthew drinks some tequila as he watches television. A twentysomething woman knocks on the door of his boat and asks him if he has any spare fuel. She was beautiful. He puts his hand on her arm as he pours some into her container. She says it’s going to be a hot one today. He stares at her and manages a “yeah.” She tells him to enjoy his day on the water. He watches her as she walks. She was on the first boat on his side.

He brings a couple bottles of tequila and walks over to her boat. She stops dancing with her friends and invites him to join them. He sits next to her and says she has a gorgeous boat. She says it’s her dad’s and he named it after her. He puts her hand on her waist and asks her to dance. She giggles as he twirls her. He asks her what she does. She says she and her friends are celebrating passing their finals. Her friend comments they can think about graduate applications next month. She says she’s going to get her master’s in the fall and gasps as she splashes his shirt with tequila. He takes off his shirt and asks her if she wants to swim with him. She turns to her friends and says to him, “why not?” She jumps in the water with him and her friends.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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