Video Review: Toni Braxton “Breathe Again”

In black-and-white, Toni Braxton turns left inside a forest maze. She glances over her shoulder while a twentysomething man jogs somewhere in the maze. Holding up some of her dress, she passes by a fountain and walks on a path lined with trees. He walks in the path of trees by himself.

She and the twentysomething run on opposite sides of the maze. By a shrub, she touches her arms as she reveals her bare back. The twentysomething man sits on a chair on stage and watches her as she sings. Wearing a halter dress, she continues to run in the maze. She walks by a sculpture and looks back in the path of trees.

Rating: 5/5

Toni Braxton sits on a bench as she waits. She had finished the maze five minutes ago. The twentysomething man should’ve been behind her. A thirtysomething man and woman walk with their arms around each other. They joke about their strategy. Braxton tried to get him to go with her. However, he kept telling her she was going the wrong way.

The twentysomething man grins as he talks with a twentysomething woman as they walk out of the maze. She gives him a playful punch on the arm and says he did all right. He says he kept running into the dead ends. She says it was good meeting him as she notices Braxton walking towards them. He sits next to her on the bench and mentions the maze was difficult. She “uh huh’s” and says Palace line is getting long. The twentysomething They stand up and walk to the Palace in silence.

Braxton reads the cover story on a magazine as the twentysomething man talks on the phone in the other room. She heard travel, work, and perhaps through the whispers. He hangs up the phone and says his best friend really wanted to talk. Braxton turns the page to the book reviews. It wasn’t his best friend. He had a loud voice. She says she’s in the mood for pizza tonight. He dials a restaurant from the menus on the fridge and says he accidently picked Chinese. She gets her keys and tells him she’ll get a pizza for herself.

Director: Randee St. Nichols Year: 1993

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