Video Review: Regina Spektor “Fidelity”

Regina Spektor swings in the family room of her black-and-white home. She places her hand on her black dining table As she sits, she takes a white rose out of the vase and sniffs. Standing by a table in the family room, she touches the rotary phone.

She plays the piano. A headless mannequin sits across from her at the dining table. She talks to the headless mannequin and pours him some tea in his cup. They talk to each other on the phone. The headless mannequin leans against the piano as she plays. She rests her head on the headless mannequin’s shoulder as they pose for pictures sitting on a chair.

The headless mannequin kneels down to her and as she turns away. She drops the necklace and it breaks onto the floor. Rainbow powder covers the floor. A twentysomething man (Scoot McNairy) stands up and stares at her. She puts her hand on his cheek. Holding the rainbow powder in her hands, she tosses it in the air. They blow it on each other. He dumps it on her head. They make rainbow powder angels on the floor.

Rating: 2.5/5

Regina Spektor cheers her boyfriend as he plays softball. He slides into third base. The twentysomething woman next to her says they may be doing this a couple more weeks. Spektor says they may win the championship. The twentysomething woman asks if she didn’t play on the softball team with them. Spektor nods, explaining she didn’t have time for it anymore. She sees him run on homeplate and shouts his name.

Her boyfriend reminds her they have his parents’ anniversary party on Saturday. Spektor said she bought the gift for them. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her she’s the best. As he sits on the computer, he devises his fantasy baseball team and says he may win this year.

At the anniversary party, she bumps into a twentysomething man. He grabs her hand and says for them to dance. She says she has a boyfriend. He says it’s just a dance. While they dance, she laughs at his comedic moves. He grins, saying he knew she could smile. She says it’s good to meet him. He points to his table and says for to visit with him for a bit. She glances at her table and sees her boyfriend talking with his sisters. He tells her he brought some cards. She tells him she’s going to get her purse.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2006

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