Video Review: Carly Pearce “Next Girl”

Carly Pearce sits at the bar, holding onto a glass. She “mmm’s” and nods while a thirtysomething man talks to her. After a spit-take into her drink, she declares, “I’ve had enough” and walks on the stage. Picking her up her guitar, she sings into her the microphone as she plays.

A twentysomething man gyrates in the booth. She argues with a second thirtysomething man as they eat lunch. Throwing her napkin at him, she glances over her shoulder. Leaning against the counter, she rolls her eyes as a second twentysomething man shows a picture of him with his car on his phone. The twentysomething man stretches his gum with his finger. She gives the thirtysomething man her phone number. Turning to the thirtysomething woman next to her, she shows her the picture of him. They both shout “what?”

Three fiftysomething men flag down Pearce to their table at the bar. She walks up to them and refuses to serve them. Lit in electric blue, the thirtysomething man dances by the refrigerator. Pearce walks off stage, past the booths and the pool table. The fiftysomething men drink shots as she slams the door as she leaves. The thirtysomething man watches her by the door, saying to himself, “next time.”

Rating: 5/5

Carly Pearce serves a twentysomething man a beer while he talks with a twentysomething woman at a table. The twentysomething woman was grinning and laughing. Pearce goes to the bar and says to the bartender that the twentysomething man may have found his match. The bartender comments, “ain’t love grand?” Pearce says it better work out. He’ll have someone else to fixate on. The twentysomething man asked for her telephone number and asked her to hang out with him after her shift. She had told him “no” multiple times. But he wouldn’t give up.

The second thirtysomething man says she’s getting upset over nothing. He says it’s just a basketball game. They’ll still go out next weekend. Pearce folds her arms across her chest and says she knows about his wife. She says she won’t be the other woman anymore. The second thirtysomething man calls her crazy.

The fiftysomething man calls her “baby” and pats her butt. She tells the fiftysomething man to stop it. The second fiftysomething man comments, “it’s just a love tap, sweetheart.” She tells them her name and asks for them not to touch her again. The third fiftysomething man eyes her. She slaps the fiftysomething man’s hand and kicks them out. The fiftysomething men laugh. She walks to the owner’s office and informs there’s a table of fiftysomething men harassing her and please walk her out at the end of the night. The owner says they are just a little drunk and informs them to give them water. She throws him her apron and says she quits.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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