Video Review: 42 Dugg & Roddy Ricch “4 Da Gang”

Roddy Ricch stares at the desk inside the interrogation room. A fortysomething policeman sits down next to his partner, saying, “Roddy Ricch, right?” Ricch watches him as the fortysomething policeman  says, “you’re just the man we’re looking for.” The fortysomething slides a picture of 42 Dugg on the table and asks, “so when is the last time you’ve seen this guy?”

A twentysomething man lifts a barbell as he sits in a chair in the garage. 42 Dugg stands behind by a burning, graffitied American flag. A twentysomething woman lies in a bathtub. A second twentysomething woman, wearing an imitation Playboy Bunny outfit, plays a keyboard by a graffitied wall. 42 Dugg and two twentysomething women hang out in a rundown mobile home.

A fiftysomething man puts his gun in boiling water inside a garbage can. 42 Dugg stands by a burning Union Jack flag. The two policemen drive around the city. A 15-year-old girl, wearing an sky blue mask, loads her toy gun. The 15-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl (also wearing a sky blue ski mask run to the window. The twentysomething man sits on a chair by the mobile home. The policemen exchange file folders in the car. The teenaged girls run to the fence.

The fiftysomething man shakes his head as he talks with the two policemen. A second twentysomething woman paints her nails inside the mobile home. Ricch joins 42 Dugg by the Union Jack flag. One of the teenaged girls points her toy gun at the policemen. The policemen raise their hands. She smashes the toy gun into a toy car. The fiftysomething man pulls a gun on them. Ricch dances in the interrogation room. The two policemen sit on the ground, bound an gagged. One of the teenaged girls gets into the car. 42 Dugg spray paints graffiti on the car. A crane lifts the car and crushes it. The second twentysomething woman pours gas around the stacks of car.  The twentysomething man scratches his stomach as the two policemen plead for help in the car. He closes the trunk.

Rating: 3.5/5

Music blares as Roddy Ricch tries to sleep. The twentysomething woman dances as she counts the money. She says she’s going to buy groceries. A second twentysomething woman requests candy bars and salads. The twentysomething woman pokes her in the arm and says she’ll get what they can afford.

The second twentysomething woman brushes the dirt off her Playboy Bunny outfit. She had found it among the piles of garbage in the back of a car and kept it. When she’s by herself, she imagines herself serving drinks and cigarettes to executives at the Playboy Mansion. One of them would pick her and she’d be a reality show and have lots of money. Life would be good again.

The fiftysomething man eats from his can of corn. His rifle sits by his side. The junkyard was his home. Ricch, the Playboy Bunny girl, 42 Dugg and the twentysomething people took care of him and each other. The twentysomething woman carries a plastic bag and says she snuck him some cigarettes. He lights one up and offers her some corn. She takes a bite and says she ate on the way home. The fiftysomething man eyes the fence.

Director: Spike Jordan Year: 2021

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