Video Review: The Motels “Shame”

Flies hover by a lamp in a motel. A twentysomething man turns his head in bed as he sleeps. Dead cockroaches lie on their backs on the windowsill. Martha peers out the blinds in the royal blue lit room. The twentysomething man touches his forehead as he continues to sleep.

Martha looks at the billboard, advertising Shame. A second version of herself, wearing a hat, talks directly to her from the billboard. She returns to the bed. Two men brush the billboard in white paint. The twentysomething man leaves and walks back into the room. Back in royal blue, Martha walks to the blinds and watches the second version of herself on the billboard. The second version of herself gestures for her to follow her.

Martha walks out the door as a cockroach crawls on the windowsill. She ties her robe as she stands on the billboard. The billboard reflects within the window of her motel room. The second version of herself avoids her and leaves the billboard. Martha steps within the billboard.

Rating: 1/5

Martha gives the clerk her credit card and driver’s license. The clerk handwaves the driver’s license and says he already knows who she is. The twentysomething man hands her the key. The clerk winks at her and she cringes. The twentysomething puts his hand on the small of her back as they walk to the elevator.

She sits up at night, staring at the chipped walls. The secret was getting to her. She thinks of going to church tomorrow. Folding her hands in prayer, she asks God to forgive her for being with the twentysomething man. She puts her sheet over her and lies awake. As she stands by the window, she sees a billboard for the perfume for “Shame.” She rubs her arms. Every part of her still felt dirty.

At the store, she buys bottles of the Shame perfume. She douses herself in it until she stank. It gave her headache and made her dizzy. The coldness of the bathroom wall reminded she deserved it all. She was a horrible person for sleeping with the twentysomething man. The phone rings and rings as she groans.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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