Video Review: Billy Joel “The River Of Dreams”

Filmed in sepia, a train drives by on the Providence & Worcester Railroad in Middletown, Connecticut. A fortysomething man stands on his boat as he sails on the river. A twentysomething man plays drums on the grass. Billy Joel and several forytsomething men sing on the Providence & Worcester Railroad Bridge.

In color, Joel plays the piano in the tobacco barn. A choir performs on the lawn of the church. A thirtysomething man washes his face with water from the river. Two twentysomething women talk under the bridge. An 18-year-old young man leans against his home and runs his hand through his hair. Back in sepia, the fortysomething man sees the construction workers sitting by “come on come on” sign.

Several children ride their bicycles as thirtysomething woman walks back into her mobile home. She drives them to the bridge. The children watch the seagulls dive into the water. A horse gallops in the field. The two twentysomething women laugh as they drenched by the water. A second fortysomething man plays accordion as he sits on a chair in front of his home. Multiple people jump off the cliff and swim in the river. A second thirtysomething woman (Christie Brinkley) paints on the canvas in the backyard while a 7-year-old girl plays on the grass.

The thirtysomething man stands in the river and tosses his suitcase. The choir walks to the river. He takes off his shirt and swims. The priest baptizes a fiftysomething man in the river. A sixtysomething man walks with two children in the field. A second fiftysomething man throws his fishing reel in the water. A couple kiss as they stand under the bridge. The fortysomething man continues to sail on the river.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething woman places her finger on her lip as she stares at her painting. It seemed finished. Perhaps she needed a day away from it. She takes it off the canvas and puts it in the basement with some of her unfinished paintings. Her husband told her to get rid of some of them. They needed the room. But she couldn’t. One could land in an exhibition somewhere in New York, or at least she’d like to think so.

The thirtysomething man watches his suitcase float in the river. He no longer cared. The papers were data, reports on productivity, a self-evaluation full of buzzwords. It could be pulled up on the company’s computer. He knew he wasn’t going to get the promotion. The company wasn’t growing. The quiet life had reached a dead end. As he swims, he thinks of ending up in New York somewhere.

The fiftysomething man bows his head in church. He shakes his hands and recites the prayer with the priest. Finding God again had given him a purpose again. He actually liked who he was again. People said hello to him at the hardware store and talked to him as he rang up their purchases. He was dating a lovely woman. Life was turning around for him.

Director: Andy Morahan Year: 1993


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