Video Review: Normani & Cardi B “Wild Side”

Lit in candy red, Normani, wearing an Isa Boulder cutout bodysuit, bends down as she stands by a lamp. She lies on a table and the steps. In a Zigman lavender bodysuit, she slides on the floor. Wearing a Rey Ortiz bodysuit, she continues to dance, lit in candy red, in the family room. Other dancers perform alongside her. She rises through the roof and onto the rooftop.

On the rooftop she wears a Bryan Hearns corset and Sir Babe Jagne blazer and pants while she performs the routine with the dancers. In a leopard print dress and shoes by Harry Halim, she sits inside a helicopter. Wearing Laurel DeWitt outfit, she dances with herself on the teal floor in the mirrored room. Cardi B, naked, holds onto chain hanging from the ceiling. Normani, also naked, joins her, as they stand on the platform within the chained pool. Water splashes them. In TLZ Femme, she performs a routine in a sheer white curtain draped studio.

Rating: 4.5/5

Normani catches the eye of a twentysomething man as she stands in line at the coffee shop. He smiles at her and walks to the end of the line. Normani moves out of line and stands next to him. His face turns red as he gazes at her. Normani says she was going to get a muffin from breakfast. He mumbles “iced coffee.” Normani comments it’s delicious. A thirtysomething woman bumps into him in line and tells him to move. Normani gives him a small smile.

The twentysomething man’s hand shakes as he carries his book. Normani offers to hold it for him as they walk past the shelves. She watched him reach for a non-fiction book. It was about baseball. So, he liked sports. He didn’t talk much. She was the one who asked him out and decided on the bookstore. Something had to open him up.

He had confessed to her he was inexperienced with women. She was his first real girlfriend. Normani tells him it’s not a big deal. He places his arm on her chest and she tells him not to be shy. She feels him loosen up as he touches her. She tells him there’s so much to discover about himself.

Director: Tanu Muino Year: 2021

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