Video Review: Kelly Clarkson “Breakaway”

A 10-year-old Kelly Clarkson (Lindsay Kreuger). wearing a baseball cap, sits in the backseat of the car. Her mother smiles at her. Her older sister slumps in her seat. Her 10-year-old self watches as her older brother pushes her older sister. Her mother yells at them to stop as they drive through a neighborhood.

Clarkson sits in the backseat of a limousine at the Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement movie premiere. She stands on the red carpet, her publicist behind her, as photographers take pictures. Her publicist points out certain photographers. She sits in the theater. In a clip from the 2004 film, Mia (Anne Hathaway) presses a remote control  while Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) looks on. Rows of jewelry pop out in multiple drawers.

Her 10-year-old self walks on the roof of her home and stares at the trees, sidewalk and houses. An airplane flies over her. Clarkson grabs the armrest of the seat in the airplane as it shakes. On her laptop, Mia kisses Nicholas (Chris Pine). She stomps on Nicholas’ foot in the palace. Mia lies on Nicholas’ chest as they sleep on the couch.

Clarkson, at about 19 years old, waves a flashlight in a fortysomething man’s face at the movie theater. She plays air guitar with a broom while working at the concession stand. She performs on her front lawn of her home at night. Her family and co-workers wave goodbye to her. At 10-years-old, she says a prayer at night in her bedroom.

Rating: 5/5

Kelly Clarkson places some dishes in the dishwasher. Her sister was coming over to visit her in a few days. Her cell phone rings. It was her boyfriend, who was a producer. Her cell phone on her shoulder, she says she can’t really talk. She’s cleaning the house. Her boyfriend recommends some people to hire as personal assistants. Clarkson says she can handle it. Her boyfriend asks her the last time she was home. Clarkson, in her head, calculates about a month. She finds a notepad and writes down the names for some personal assistants.

Her sister squeals as she tells Clarkson she just met Anne Hathaway. Clarkson comments it’s still surreal to her. In the limousine, her sister asks if they are going to any parties going on anywhere. Clarkson says she’s isn’t sure they’ll be able to get in. Her personal assistant tells her she can make some calls. Clarkson says she just wants to go home.

Clarkson, wearing a hat and sunglasses, buys a ticket at the movie theater in her hometown. One of her songs play while she waits. A 16-year-old girl exclaims, “I love this song!” The 17-year-old boy asks her what she’d like to get. She asks them if they still have Cow Tales. The 17-year-old boy asks the twentysomething woman filling her drink. The twentysomething woman says they hadn’t for a couple years. Clarkson says they kept her going after working late shifts. The twentysomething woman gives her a knowing glance. Clarkson pays for her popcorn and walks to the the theater.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2004

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