Video Review: Sleepy Hallow “2055”

An animated spaceship flies in the air. Sleepy Hallow presses buttons and steers the ship to a planet. In silhouette, he stands on the sidewalk and looks at the lavender and teal lit buildings. Holding his umbrella, he falls from one of the skyscrapers as it rains.

Shadowy figures in robes with red eyes stare at him while he walks into the bar. In the lime green bar, he sits at the counter and takes an ice cube out of the glass. He sees some blood drip from the twentysomething woman’s lip as she stands behind the counter. She lets out a scream and gives him a forced smile. He turns to the crowd. On two platforms, two twentysomething dance. Three aliens smoke a hookah at their table.

A twentysomething man drives him back home. In silhouette, Hallow sits on the edge of the skyscraper, staring at the moon. Back in color, he smokes a cigar and places it on the ledge.

Rating: 4.5/5

The twentysomething woman erupts, her hair sticking out. It hadn’t rattled Sleepy Hallow. The twentysomething woman asks him if he’d like another drink. He says he’s all right. She seemed to be embarrassed. Her hair had gotten frazzled and her body had become stiff. She assured him her body was preparing. He told her it’s fine.

The shadowy men in robes watch him as he leaves the bar. They hung out in groups usually and kept to themselves. They only got violent if provoked. Every once in a while, one of them would walk into the bar. But it was a rare occurrence. He actually felt safer when they were outside of wherever he was.

Hallow lies on the bed in his room in the skyscraper. His watch had directed him to him it. It was furnished with similar pieces from his house back home. The planet had been able to access his purchase history from various stores. He touches the wall and soft music plays. It lulls him to sleep.

Director: Aylo Year: 2021

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