Video Review: Jonasu “Black Magic”

A twentysomething man and woman kiss by the window of the restaurant. He takes her hand as they walk inside. She laughs as she talks with their friends. As she chews on her food, the twentysomething man stares at her. She rubs her foot on his leg.

Lit in electric blue, the twentysomething man and woman kiss by the bathrooms. A second twentysomething man walks out the bathroom and they laugh. It rotates to them talking with their friends at the table. He presses her against the shelf in the kitchen as he kisses her. A second twentysomething woman walks into the kitchen and puts tomatoes in a bowl. She stares at her red hands as they continue to make out. They return to the table.

While their friends talk, they stare at one another. Underneath the table, they make out. The table shakes as they crawl on the floor. As they get up, they glance around and see they are by themselves. They continue to eat their dinner.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman runs up to one of her friends. She says she lost track of time. The twentysomething man wanted her to stay a little longer. Five minutes turned into an hour. Her friend grins and says she understands. It’s a new relationship and they are in love. The twentysomething woman remarks, “yeah?” Her friend tells her to own it.

The twentysomething woman walks to the library on campus. As she sits on a table, she highlights passages in her textbook. The twentysomething man sits next to her and kisses her on the cheek. She reminds him she has to work. He smiles, saying he knows and tickles her. She takes his hand and walks with him to one of the study areas. They make out. A librarian bumps her cart into them and kicks them out.

The twentysomething man pats the twentysomething woman’s knee at their friend’s house. She excuses herself to get some water. As she drinks some water, the twentysomething man kisses her neck. She moves away from him and says they should a private place. He points to the bathroom. She peeks around the corner and says everyone is still talking. In the bathroom, she pulls his face to hers and kisses him.

Director: Oceane Combeau Year: 2020

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