Video Review: Tamar Braxton “Love and War”

In black-and-white, Tamar Braxton sits on the edge of the bathtub. She walks barefoot down the stairs and looks out the screen glass window. A thirtysomething man sits on a chair. She runs on the sand on the beach.

She stands against the rock and watches the ocean. Back in the family room, she places her hand on the screen glass window. The thirtysomething man holds her hand as they walk on the beach. She splashes some water on his legs.

He places his hand on top of the window and looks out and balls up his fists. In the bedroom, he packs his bag. She throws a vase on the floor. He tosses a picture frame of Braxton on the floor. She pushes him him away from her as they stand on the beach. He kisses her hair as he holds her on the beach. They separate from one another.

Rating: 3.5/5

The agreement was in place. Tamar Braxton kisses her husband on the beach and says they had some good times. Her husband puts her hand around her waist, tells her it’s for the best. Braxton sighs and says they could still try again. It doesn’t have to end. He removes his hands from her waist. She turns to face him and shakes her head.

She cleans up the pieces of the broken vase. His mother had given it to them as a wedding present. She had put every bouquet he had given her in the vase. But it had been collecting dust on the table for awhile. They were best friends. It should’ve worked.

Her husband packs the picture frame in his bag. Braxton was someone he’d love for the rest of his life. Maybe they’ll get back together in a year. However, they could barely get through a day without fighting. It had become toxic. If he wanted kids with her, it’s what he needed to do. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her he loves her. She slaps him on the cheek and tells him to just go.

Director: Walid Azami Year: 2013

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