Video Review: Billie Eilish “Happier Than Ever”

Billie Eilish sits on the couch, twirling the phone cord on her finger, as she talks. She walks around the family room as she talks and leans against the arm rest of the couch. Water drips onto the table. It drops onto the wooden floor and along the wall. She places the phone on her shoulder as she watches the lights flicker.

As she walks to the front door, water floods into her home. She swims to her roof. While it thunders, she dances on the roof at night, the rain drenching her. She falls and sinks into the water.

Rating: 3.5/5

The twentysomething man pats Billie Eilish’s shoulder and says can’t go to the game. Eilish shrinks as he talks, staring at the floor, her arms at her sides. Eilish goes along with his story, saying she had plans and wouldn’t be able to attend. However, she didn’t even know about the upcoming baseball game and would’ve paid for her ticket. She knew some people who tailgated and could’ve gotten them a spot.

Sitting on the  couch, she checks her phone and sees the twentysomething man had sent her a photo from the game. He and his friends were standing, smiling by the dugout. They had gotten a chance to meet the players. She types a curse and then erases it. Tears fall from her eyes as she stares at the wall in her family room.

The twentysomething man picks her up and asks her if she’s in the mood for Mexican. She curses at him. He tells her she doesn’t talk that way to him. She calls him selfish and she’s tired of Mexican. It’s always Mexican food. He doesn’t give a shit about her or anything she likes. It’s just all about him. He calls her a bitch and opens the car door. She slams the car door on him and stands at the crosswalk.

Director: Billie Eilish Year: 2021

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