Video Review: The Fat Boys & Chubby Checker “The Twist”

On television, Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski and The Human Beatbox dance against sliding apple red backgrounds. In black-and-white, two thirtysomething men perform in a banquet hall. Prince, Kool and Beatbox walk inside, transforming it to color. They kick the thirtysomething men out.

Yolinda and the server, standing by the dessert table turn their heads. Her friends and family sit in the chairs underneath a “Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Yolinda” sign. A fortysomething man’s face lands in the cake. Several of the servers stand by him, holding napkins. Thought bubbles appear over Prince, Kool and Beatbox’s heads. They think of “The Twist.”

Yolinda dances behind a thirtysomething man and woman. In black-and-white, Chubby Checker performs with two twentysomething women in bikinis on television. Back in color, Prince, Kool and Beatbox dance with Yolinda’s friends and family. Checker dances with the two twentysomething women in bikinis against a black background.

Checker joins Prince, Kool and Beatbox by the keyboards. Yolinda’s mom faints and some family members catch her. She comes to and then faints again as Checker dances next to Prince, Kool and Beatbox by the keyboards. The servers dance near the kitchen. Prince, Kool and Beatbox limbo. They tell people “your party’s next.” Balloons lie on the floor of the empty banquet room.

Rating: 2.5/5

Yolinda urges her mom to talk to Chubby Checker. Her mom says she can’t. It’s too much for her and she doesn’t want to humiliate herself. Yolinda takes her by the arm and says she’s going to say hello. Checker shakes her hand and her mom blushes. Yolinda says her mom has had a crush on him forever. Checker tells her he’s flattered and asks her to dance. Her mom grins and says she’d love to dance with him.

Checker hands her a present. She opens it, reads the card from her mom and says she thinks she knows what it is. As she tears open the box, she sees it’s a necklace. Her friends and family “ooh” and “aah.” She had noticed it at the jewelry store a month ago. It cost a hundred dollars. However, she had been hoping it would be a pair of keys. Checker hands her another present. It was her from her dad. She shakes it and smiles. It was supplies for her desk at home. She groans and takes the next gift.

Her mom and dad walk her outside in the parking lot and says she hoped she liked her birthday. Yolinda whines that it was okay. Her dad hands a set of keys and says it should make it better. She jumps up and down, giving her parents hugs and runs to her car. She waves to her parents as she drives off.

Director: N/A Year: 1988–M39s

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