Video Review: Nelson “Only Time Will Tell”

The hand on a clock moves quickly as it hangs on the wall. Lit in imperial red, Matthew, Gunnar, Brett, Paul and Bobby perform on stage. It rotates to lapis and black-and-white, with the imperial red being switched in every so often as they perform.

Rating: 1/5

Matthew shakes the twentysomething woman’s hand. Gunnar tells him “hello.” The twentysomething man sits at the table and says she’s glad they were able to meet with them. Matthew he wasn’t sure he would answer. The twentysomething woman answers he hadn’t seen the name in so long. He had been wondering about them. Gunnar asks him what he has been up to the last 3 years.

Gunnar tells Matthew to give the twentysomething man another 10 minutes. Matthew says it’s useless. They should’ve known better. Matthew says he’s leaving and walks out of the door of the coffee shop. The twentysomething woman gives Matthew a hug and asks about Gunnar. He says Gunnar didn’t feel good and had to leave. The twentysomething woman says it’s going to be weird without him. She mentions she’ll stop by.

Matthew ignores the twentysomething woman’s on the answering machine. Gunnar says he should talk to her. Matthew says he doesn’t trust her. Gunnar says she’s met with them each time. Whenever they go out, she always asks him about him. Matthew says it’s different this time. Gunnar calls her and hands the phone to Matthew. Matthew hangs up the phone.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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