Video Review: Pop Smoke & Dua Lipa “Demeanor”

Circa 1890, Dua Lipa puts on lipstick in her vanity somewhere in a castle. A 7-year-old boy exclaims “wow” to himself as he stares a painting of Pop Smoke sitting on a throne. Doves fly to him while as two versions of himself maintain an animated fire.  He walks through the crowd and taps a thirtysomething woman’s shoulder. They turn to gaze at the painting.

A twentysomething woman fans herself and rests her head on the shoulder of a twentysomething man as they sit at the dinner table. The twentysomething man pets his dog while they laugh together. A white light shines on Pop Smoke’s chair. A second twentysomething man plays the piano as people dance. A person feeds a fiftysomething woman some pudding.

Lipa walks down a hallway with two twentysomething men following behind her. The 7-year-old looks at the table full of cakes, fruit and pies. Two twentysomething women kiss. A third twentysomething woman sits on a third twentysomething man’s lap. From the stairs, Lipa watches as people drink. She opens the door and people watch her perform a routine with her dancers.

Lipa walks by the table. Several versions of herself sit and fan themselves while people around her talk. She dances with a fourth twentysomething man. People clap for her. She takes a glass off the table and toasts with her friends in the center.

Rating: 5/5

A fortysomething man  takes Dua Lipa aside and tells her the dance in honor of Pop Smoke was beautiful. She smiles at he kisses her hand. He says he’s missed by everyone. Lipa puts her hand on her heart and says it means everything to her. However, she adds, they must move forward with their lives. She takes his hand and leads him onto the dance floor.

The fortysomething man stops mid-way through the dance and says he can’t. He can’t slight Pop Smoke. Smoke was a good man. Lipa presses her lips together and tells him it won’t ruin her memory of him. Smoke would want her to live a full life. The fortysomething man tells her goodbye. Lipa sits in a chair and steams. The fortysomething man was available and a royal. Becoming his wife would ensure her place in society. However, she was a deemed a widow before any marriage vows.

A twentysomething woman giggles as she sits on the fortysomething man’s lap. The fortysomething man pats her knee. Lipa fans herself as she talks with Smoke’s family. The twentysomething woman stands up and Lipa trips her. Some of the twentysomething woman’s teeth fall out. While the twentysomething woman cries, Lipa walks over to the fortysomething man, telling it’s such a shame the twentysomething woman has lost her beauty in a split second. The fortysomething man nods and links his arm with hers.

Director: Nabil Year: 2021

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