Video Review: Shakira “Whenever, Wherever”

Shakira floats in the depths of the ocean. Rising to the surface, she flies over the water and lands barefoot on the rock. She begins to flap her arms as the waves crash to the rock. A falcon spreads its wings in the mountains. She walks in the desert and continues to dance.

Dozens of horses gallop in the sandy air while Shakira performs her routine. She shakes her hips and crawls in the dirt. Smiling, she turns around and dances as the sun sets. The dirt becomes towering as she continues the routine. She dances on top of the snow-capped mountain. Spreading her arms, she falls into the ocean again.

Rating: 5/5

Shakira swims in the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles. She towels off her hair and applies sunscreen on her arms. Her cell phone rings. She talks to her boyfriend, who was currently in France. He says they have to meet somewhere in the world. She says she’ll be in Japan next month. He tells her he may be close by. However, he’ll finalize his plans as soon as possible.

Shakira plays at an arcade in Tokyo, Japan. A twentysomething man joins her and they play a dance game. He tells her she’s really good. She responds with a quiet “thanks.” He invites her to a garden. She couldn’t stop looking at him. However, she had no interest beyond his looks. She tells him she can’t go and returns to her hotel room and calls her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend sends her pictures from Greece. She promises they’ll be together again, once everything calms down. He tells her he’ll be back home in Colombia in a month. She tells him she took some time off and will be there in a few weeks. He blows her a kiss in a video. She sends him a kiss and tells him “see you soon.”

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2001

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