Video Review: Trippie Redd & Lil Uzi Vert “Holy Smokes”

An 18-year-old young man stands on the balcony of his home and watches a building explode at night. He exclaims, “holy smokes!” Wearing his hoodie, he walks into an arcade. Sitting at the computer, he types in code. On a different screen, a news reporter says, “Breaking News, Trippie Redd has taken over the city. What you’re about to see is a Channel 4 exclusive.”

In a video game, two naked mannequins stand on the street. They change into twentysomething women. One place a toy car on the street. It grows into an actual car. Trippie Redd stands against a navy blue and pink splattered wall. Three twentysomething women throw money on a sidewalk. He holds his money as though they were cards and tosses it on the window of the car. Lil Uzi Vert nods as he sits next to him.

The two twentysomething woman kiss in the arcade. Vert’s face becomes cartoonish for a split second as he talks on a payphone. Redd and Vert dance by the prize booth in the arcade. Redd spills his drink in the road as he sits in the backseat of the car. Three twentysomething women pose for a picture by the navy blue and pink splattered wall.

Lit in royal blue, the three twentysomething women stand in a closed-off room. Vert talks on the phone in the car.  Lit in aqua, Vert opens a large fan as he continues to dance. Redd lights money on fire in the car. The three twentysomething women try to figure out the code on the board.

Back in royal blue, the three twentysomething, Redd and Vert throw money in the closed-off room. A twentysomething man pops a wheelie on his motorcycle as he drives near Redd’s car. Redd dances by a Walking Dead video game. Redd opens a pizza box. Vert eats a slice. The Holy Smokes game screen reads over. An animated Redd and Vert stand on a field. The 18-year-old young finishes the game. His head explodes.

Rating: 1/5

The 18-year-old young man looks up the cheat codes on the internet for the Holy Smokes video game. He had a limited amount of quarters. Mid-way through, he kept missing a jump and kept dying. He had tried changing over from Lil Uzi Vert to Trippie Redd and back again. He practiced and practiced every day after school. The game was unbeatable.

While at the arcade, he hacks into the main server and searches for the game. He analyzes the code and believes he could modify, if necessary. As he plays, he enters the codes at the specific times. He clears the levels and reaches the big boss level. During the boss level, he feels his body heat up from the stress. After completing it, he collapses on the floor.

Two workers move the Holy Smokes game out of the arcades around the country. The owner puts up a for sale sign. His attorney fees had been collecting. In court, he argued the game hadn’t caused any problems. It was a medical issue. However, analysts had argued stating no one had won the game. No one had bragged about it. The completed games were fakes. The jury had found the arcade liable and ordered them to pay $3 million to the parents.

Director: Mooch Year: 2021

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