Video Review: Kelsea Ballerini “Peter Pan”

As Kelsea Ballerini drives in the desert in Sandy Valley, Nevada, she thinks to herself, “he always had to feel the rush, the heartbeat, the speed. He had a passion for things he knew could hurt him. But he never stayed long enough to get hurt. Sometimes, I guess he found that feeling with me.” The twentysomething man (Nick Davis) flies over her in his single passenger plane.

A compass and a map sits on her passenger seat. He smiles at her as he spins in his plane. Wearing a Cavanagh Baker dress, she lets the train float in the breeze. She drives alongside him as he prepares to takeoff in his plane again. He swings around her as they hug. She sits with him on his motorcycle. They ride together.

She blows him a kiss as she stands on the backseat of the convertible. They take pictures with her camera. She watches him fly with her binoculars. Wearing a Carol Hannah dress, she holds onto the strings of a white parachute as she stands in the desert.

She and her boyfriend dance in the desert. Checking her watch, she looks for him through the binoculars. They drive, dragging the parachute on the sand. He nosedives towards the sand. Grinning, he runs to her after he lands. She pushes him as she yells. He holds her and gets inside the plane. Staring at pictures of them, he glances at her and prepares to takeoff. While she continues to drive on the road, she thinks, “life with him was an adventure. But sometimes an adventure just has to end.”

Rating: 5/5

Kelsea Ballerini knocks on the door of the twentysomething man’s house. His mom answers and says she’s so happy to see her. She explains the twentysomething man has been down and none of his friends have stopped by. They seemed to have forgotten about him. Ballerini asks where he is. His mom points to the guest room.

The twentysomething man turns around in his wheelchair. Ballerini waves to him. He pats the chair next to him and says he doesn’t bite. Ballerini sits in the chair, holding her purse on her lap. He says he wasn’t sure if she was going to come over or not. Ballerini responds she didn’t know herself. He says she’s probably thinking, “I told you so.” Ballerini shakes her head, telling him it was her worst fear. He throws up his hands and says he needed her tell him not to climb the mountain. Ballerini gasps, “oh my God. ” He shrugs, “it what it is.”

Ballerini walks behind the chair to push him. He says he can do it. Ballerini suggests they can get lunch. He rolls to the dresser, telling her he’s not interested. Ballerini says it wouldn’t be like a date. He glares at her, “really?” Ballerini heaves a sigh and scratches her forehead. She tells him “you just don’t listen to anyone. Getting out would help you you feel normal again.” He bursts out in laughter and says normal is over for him. Ballerini tells him he’s was always preaching to her about living her life to the fullest and now he does nothing. He points to the door and tells her to leave. She grabs her purse and they stare at one another. He opens his mouth to say something. She asks him “what?” He tells her to forget it and turns back to the window.

Director: Kristin Barlowe Year: 2016

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