Video Review: Tai Verdes “A-O-K”

Tai Verdes puts his hat on the control panel of the airplane as it flies in the air. A thirtysomething man struggles to get his duffel bag in overhead cabin. A thirtysomething woman sleeps. A twentysomething man, with his eye mask and neck pillow, snores in a seat. The second thirtysomething woman taps his shoulder. He slaps her arm. Lifting his eye mask, he handwaves the smoke as it emits from the engine. A small fire causes the passengers to jolt in their seats.

Verdes puts his hands behind his head as he relaxes in the cockpit. A flight attendant hands him the newspaper. People scream in the plane. A fiftysomething man pats his forehead with a handkerchief. He takes a nap and makes lemonade. Oxygen masks fall from the ceiling. People breathe into them. The second flight attendant pours water for the fiftysomething man. Verdes sips his lemonade as he stares at the sky.

He walks into the coach area and reassures the passengers. A 7-year-old boy catches his hat and smiles. Verdes sits next to the second thirtysomething woman and eats some cereal on the arm rest. A second twentysomething man takes a picture on his phone while the airplane nosedives. Verdes pulls the joystick and lands the plane. The passengers wave and hug at him as they walk into the airport.

Rating: 2/5

Tai Verdes warns passengers it’s just a little turbulence and hold on tight. He’s navigated his way through it before. It was a piece of cake. He puts down his book and searches for the right button. Some smoke passes by him and his mind goes blank. It could really be the end.

A second thirtysomething man clings to the seat. He just wanted to go home and be with his family. Closing his eyes, he promises to be a better father and husband. He texts his boss and tells his boss he’s a self-absorbed jerk. He adds that he quits and he’s run the company into the ground. On his phone, he takes a picture of himself. He didn’t take many pictures of himself. It was time to start now.

Verdes turns with the joystick and straightens the plane. He lets out a silent “woo.” It was why he loved flying. The second thirtysomething man says he changed his life. He had an epiphany. Verdes tells him, “good for you!” A fortysomething woman says she saved their lives. Verdes says he had it under control. The fortysomething woman hugs him and thanks her for a second chance at life. Verdes tells her “sure!” and walks to the bar inside the airport. The bartender gives him his usual glass of whiskey. “Cheers” he says to the bartender and chugs the drink.

Director: Logan Meis Year: 2021

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