Video Review: Belinda Carlisle “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”

A lit-up Earth ball falls into a pool of water. A group of children carry globes inside a ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The globes float on the surface, lined up in rows. Belinda Carlisle dances in the corner of the ride. The children spin in the ride.

Carlisle kisses a twentysomething man by the pool. Wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress, she walks around the ride. The children run in place as they hold the globes. She continues to kiss the twentysomething man.

Rating: 2/5

Belinda Carlisle puts her arm around the twentysomething man’s waist as they wait in line for the ride. He says he noticed a short line for one of the smaller coasters. She says she’s okay with the spinning. He says he doesn’t know if he even wants to ride on it. It may be too much for him.

Carlisle remarks the children seem to be enjoying it. They cringe as the ride is stopped and the workers clean vomit off some of the seats. Carlisle mentions they can play some games afterwards. The twentysomething man coughs and says he may need some air.

She and the twentysomething man skip over the seats and stand by the exit. They kiss by the wall. She says they can keep walking. He kisses her on the neck and says there is no one at the beach. Carlisle says she’s buying them drinks. The twentysomething man looks at the map out of his pocket and says they have to keep right. She holds his hand as they walk past the ride.

Director: Diane Keaton Year: 1987

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