Video Review: Ma$e & Total “What You Want”

Ma$e paces around in his mansion and answers his cell phone. Aria says, “Hi Ma$e.” He asks her if she misses him. “Yeah, I miss you” and wants to know if he’s going out to Ladonna later in the evening. He laughs, replying, “Hold on, alright?” Switching to another call, he tells the twentysomething woman he made plans with his brother for the night. She asks him, “how late is late.” He confirms the time with Aria. Aria tells him, “meet me in front of the buildin’.”

Back on the call with the twentysomething woman, he says. “hello Aria.” The twentysomething woman asks, “who is Aria?” He responds, “c’mon Lisa.” She says, “who’s Lisa? You must’ve lost your mind!” He says, “you know I’m just out to get you mad.” The twentysomething woman tells him, “you want to be callin’ names? The real man I wanted is Puffy but he didn’t come to the club that night.” Ma$e continues to smile as he sits in the chair, “I bet that you will make you real mad.” The twentysomething woman hangs up on him. Aria and two twentysomething woman dance in their family rooms. Ma$e dances in his mansion. Kima, Keisha and Pam sit on a bed together.

Aria and the three twentysomething women dance together in one of their homes. In the bedroom, Pam unties the drawstring on her pants. On television, Ma$e raps on a black-and-white circle. Kima, Keisha and Pam dance near him. Several twentysomething women, wearing red long-sleeved t-shirts and pants, dance.  Kima, Keisha and Pam stand in a parking lot at the drive-in. He dances by her. Kima, Keisha and Pam stand at the concession stand and order their burgers. He talks with a couple of twentysomething women. Aria checks her pager as she stands in the parking lot.

Rating: 1/5

Aria and one of the twentysomething women, Lisa compare notes about Ma$e’s lies. Lisa says she was so gullible. He had convinced her she was going to be his date at an award show. A second twentysomething woman says he promised her the same thing. Aria tells them she had met before he started recording and he was so humble. Lisa  nods and says “just a little bit of fame went to his head.”

The twentysomething women boo as a Ma$e song plays on the radio. Lisa turns the station. Aria says she dated the pop singer for awhile. They went a few times. He was a good guy. Lisa asks, “why it didn’t work out?” Aria says he just got too busy. She thinks about him every know and then. Lisa says she’s swearing off famous men.

The twentysomething woman shushes them as the DJ reports about Ma$e. Ma$e was reportedly heartbroken over his breakup with his girlfriend and had cancelled some events. Aria snickers, saying, “people are finding out.” Lisa lifts her wine glass and says, “for not settling.” The twentysomething women repeat her words and drink.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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