Video Review: Miranda Lambert “Tequila Does (Telemitry Remix)”

Several thirtysomething women sunbathe in lounge chairs in the camping area. A fortysomething man sits on a rainbow float in the pool. A disco ball hangs on a trailer. Two fortysomething men play cards inside a trailer. A person grabs two bottles of tequila from a basket. A thirtysomething man places a chalkboard “cocktails” by the bar and serves drinks to people.

Miranda Lambert dances with a glass of tequila by the pool. The thirtysomething man passes out drinks to people in the pool. Wearing a fringe tank top, she walks with a bottle of tequila and sits with her dogs. A twentysomething man (Brendan McLoughlin) sprays his chest with tanning oil. Lambert stares at him and waves. One of the twentysomething man’s friends takes a bottle of domestic beer and shakes it. The twentysomething man side-eyes his friend as he gets sprayed with beer.

Lambert and her friends sit in the back of a tractor and fans herself as they talk. A second fortysomething man carries a liquor bottle piñata. Her friends dance on the patio. She puts a blindfold around her friend. A third fortysomething man spins her around in a chair. She hits the piñata several times. Tiny shot glasses drop on the floor as she breaks it.  Lambert and her friends continue to dance and drink around the pool at night. The twentysomething man kisses Lambert.

Rating: 4/5

A fortysomething woman attempts to tear down the rainbow streamers. She says the gay shit doesn’t belong there. It’s trash. Miranda Lambert informs the gay shit isn’t going away. One of her friends runs to the main office and gets a manager. The manager escorts the fortysomething woman off the camping area.

Lambert checks on her friends and family. A thirtysomething woman says she’s going to stay in her trailer. She’s really shaken up. A thirtysomething man tells her he’ll take down some of the decorations. Maybe the party was a bad idea. Lambert says she has fun weekend planned for everyone. They haven’t seen each other in a while and might be able to do this again for another year.

The thirtysomething woman kisses her girlfriend as the DJ plays dance music. Lambert dances with the twentysomething man. The DJ says it’s the last song of the night and to dance with their loved ones. Lambert smiles as thirtysomething woman rests her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder as they dance to the ballad.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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