Video Review: Cherrelle “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”

Filmed through an olive filter, Cherrelle gets up from her bed and looks out her window. She sits at her desk, pen in her hand, thinking about a large gorilla walking on an island. Wearing an archeological uniform, she looks at the plants on the island. The large gorilla approaches her and she runs.

The large gorilla trips on a branch. She bandages up his fingers. In an off-the-shoulder dress, she dances by the window in her apartment. Back on the island, she waves goodbye to the large gorilla. He wipes away a tear as he watches her sailboat. The large gorilla climbs on top of her apartment building and dances. Animated stars circle his head as after he falls. She places her compact mirror on her bed and stands by her window as the large gorilla looks inside.

She sees the large gorilla and screams. He breaks the window with his paw and grabs her. She lies in his palm and stares at him. Switching to color, she wakes up in bed and sees the King Kong book by beside her.

Rating: 5/5

A state of emergency is called in the city. Cherrelle walks to the rooftop and calls for the large gorilla. A loud message warns people to stay inside. Screams ring in the streets as the large gorilla stomps on the pavement, breaking it and causing a road to collapse.

The large gorilla stands by her apartment building. She tells him to watch out. The large gorilla dodges some missiles. The man in the helicopter tells her to return home. She shouts for them not to hurt him. He’s harmless. Several missiles hit him and he tumbles to the ground. She yells, “no! no! no!”

The news reports the city is secure and the monster was exterminated. She turns to see fireworks out her window. People were cheering. The large gorilla was a rare creature. His body was going to be studied in a lab somewhere. She sits on her bed, wondering if humans value life other than theirs at all.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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