Video Review: Farruko “Pepas”

Farruko stands on top of a shipping containers. Fireworks go off on both sides of him. A car burns. People dance on the ground as he performs. A twentysomething woman pours water on a second twentysomething woman’s butt as she dances. Three fire dancers swing their sticks on the sand. A twentysomething, wearing a glow-in-the-dark costume, dances.

The people continue to dance in a stadium during the day. Farruko stands on top of a platform and sprays champagne. A twentysomething man drive motorcycles around the stadium. Farruko stands by his truck. He continues to perform on the shipping container.

Rating: 2/5

A twentysomething man taps Farruko on the shoulder and says, “did you see that firework?” Farruko says it seemed like wasn’t real. The twentysomething man reads the directions on his phone and tells him to make a right. Farruko turns and parks.

Farruko hands the twentysomething man his pass and tells him to close by. The twentysomething man raises his phone and says he’ll be in touch. Farruko watches the people dance to the music. He hadn’t attended any of the parties for almost a year. One of his friends runs up to him and slaps him on the back. Farruko says he didn’t have to have be back here so soon. His friend says he’s been looking forward to it.

Some people weren’t there. Farruko said a prayer for them as he walked on stage. They should be at the party, trying to forget the death around him. Farruko stands on the shipping container and begins his set. People cheer for him as he looks into the audience. He didn’t know when he would be able to attend again.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2021

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