Video Review: Vengaboys “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!”

Robin and Kim on a screen on the top of a building. Two twentysomething women dance together on top of their car at night as they watch traffic. A computer screen monitors as Kim applies mascara on her eyes. She sits at a vanity and Robin leans over her. Two other twentysomething women lie on the road, touching their bodies.

Robin, Kim, Donny and Denise perform on stage at the bar. Two twentysomething men drink at the counter and clink their glasses. The twentysomething women next to them heaves a bored sigh as the men laugh. A second twentysomething woman places her head on a twentysomething man’s chest. A third twentysomething woman checks her out as she slides her head.

The monitor records Robin singing. Three women, lit in electric red, stand in the windows of a building as a car passes by. A fourth twentysomething woman, sitting at a table with her friends, gestures for the fifth twentysomething to join them. The third twentysomething woman removes her jacket and dances in front of them. Three twentysomething women dance topless on stage.

A twentysomething man strokes a sixth twentysomething woman’s face at an aquarium. A seventh twentysomething swims to them and kisses the glass. A second twentysomething man stands on the corner and gets into a car. He pours champagne on a the third twentysomething woman’s legs.

Rating: 4/5

The third twentysomething woman accepts the tip from the fourth twentysomething woman. The fourth twentysomething woman invited her to talk with them. The third twentysomething woman gives her her default answer that her boss will fire her if she talks too much. The fourth twentysomething responds, “such a shame” and cranes her head to look at the other women.

The twentysomething woman twirls the straw in her drink and glances at the table for other customers. Working the bar itself was difficult. People were too drunk to consent to anything or they were trying to hook up with one another. She had another hour to go.

The third twentysomething talks with a man at a table. She slips him her card and explains she’ll be available in the off-hours. The man was someone was familiar. Perhaps she saw him in the newspaper. However, he seemed to be he’d be a good client. He brushes a strand of her hair and says he’d like to spend some time with her now. She grins and leads him to one of the private rooms.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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