Video Review: Silk Sonic “Skate”

A twentysomething woman turns around as she roller skates by Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak. They smile as they watch her join several twentysomething woman skate on the driveway. The twentysomething women perform a routine near a bus and a pick-up truck.

Mars, Paak and a couple of band members their instruments in the driveway. A second twentysomething woman places her hand on Mars’ drums as he sings directly to her. The twentysomething women circle around Mars and Paak.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman sits between Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak. Mars asks her why she hasn’t been around. The twentysomething woman says he hasn’t said yes to any of her invitations. Paak responds. “touchĂ©.” The twentysomething woman says she likes what they are working on. Mars says it’s just something they can sell. She does a dance and tells them she hopes to hear it on the radio someday.

The twentysomething woman turns right on the road on the way to work. She does a double-take as she listens to the song. It was Mars and Paak. They had gotten a spot on the local feature. She hits the steering wheel and squeals.

She spins around in the roller rink, performing to Mars and Paak’s song in the competition. In the stands, Mars and Paak’s cheer for her. They throw some roses to her. She waves to them as she picks them up on the floor. The judges give a 9.5 score. Mars and Paak stand up and dance. The crowd erupts in applause.

Directors: Bruno Mars and Florent Dechard Year: 2021

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